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Tracting Deluxe V5

Fifth generation missionary footwear

The Best Shoes for Missionaries

We have some of the best products in the market. This is why:

Ship to Anywhere

Guaranteed shipping anywhere in the world

Longest Lasting

You need durable shoes you can count on

Great Prices

The best prices in the missionary shoe market

Our Products

Tracting Boot 5th Generation

Hell or high water

Tracting Deluxe 5th Generation

The MissionShoe Staple

Tracting Slip On 5th Generation

Easy on, easy off

✓ All Leather Upper ✓ All Leather Upper ✓ All Leather Upper
✓ Dual Density Sponge Polyurethane Comfort Sole ✓ Dual Density Sponge Polyurethane Comfort Sole ✓ Dual Density Sponge Polyurethane Comfort Sole
✓ Reinforced Thermoplastic Toe ✓ Reinforced Thermoplastic Toe ✓ Reinforced Thermoplastic Toe
✓ Non-Slip / Oil Resistant Sole ✓ Non-Slip / Oil Resistant Sole ✓ Non-Slip / Oil Resistant Sole
✓ Seamless Sole-to-Upper Construction ✓ Seamless Sole-to-Upper Construction ✓ Seamless Sole-to-Upper Construction
✓ EVA Anti-Bacterial Insole ✓ EVA Anti-Bacterial Insole ✓ EVA Anti-Bacterial Insole
✓ Comfort Stuffed Tongue & Ankle Support ✓ Comfort Stuffed Tongue & Ankle Support ✓ Comfort Stuffed Tongue & Ankle Support
14 oz per shoe average weight 15 oz per shoe average weight 11 oz per shoe average weight
Rugged Tread ✅ Rugged Tread + Roll Step Walking Technology Rugged Tread
NON-insulated, use warm socks for cold weather ✅ Extra Laces
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Missionaries Served


Miles Walked

The MissionShoe Difference

What makes our missionary shoes different than anything else out there?

Brazilian Leather Upper – 100% South American leather with a polishable and shine able top protective layer
Antibacterial Insole – helps reduce stinky feet and bacterias that commonly accompany sweaty feet. Be sure to rotate your shoes and also use foot powder
Extra Laces – even shoelaces often break. So, our shoes come with an extra pair
Thermoplastic Reinforced Toe Box – an added level of toe protection as well as helping to prevent in-grown toenails and other problems that happen when toes get too crowded
Seamless Construction – no glue, stitches or anything else to keep the upper and sole attached. The leather uppers are literally inserted 1/4″ deep into the sponge rubber sole. More durable and helps prevent water from getting in
Double or Triple Stitched Seams – All major seems are double, triple or even quadruple stitched giving our shoes unrivaled quality and durability
Sponge Rubber Sole – our soles are made from a polyurethane foam injection of a durable sponge rubber material. This gives them great durability and unparalleled comfort for a dress shoe
Roll-step Heel – the heel of our shoes is curved to make for a more natural motion when you walk. If you’re going walking all day, this is a difference maker.
Rugged Traction – over mountain or plain or sea, our shoes have the traction to get you there. MissionShoe’s unique traction design provides some of the best slip-resistance a dress shoe can provide

The MissionShoe Story - by founder Thomas Scott

I served as a missionary in the Brazil Ribeirão Preto Mission from 2004-2006. After about ten months in the mission field and three pairs of shoes later, I stumbled across a local company that made shoes specifically built for security guards and postal workers. These ‘Correios’ don’t sit in their trucks all day. They walk or bike from house to house, putting an average of 20-30 miles a day on their shoes. I threw out my old pairs of shoes and spent the next 11 months in a walking area in a pair of the ‘Modelo 2005A’. This shoe lasted 4 times longer, were half the weight, and a fraction of the price I had paid with my previous shoes.

Upon my return to the USA in August 2006, I took the ‘Modelo 2005A’ and began specific modifications for LDS missionaries. After a number of improvements and more than a year of research, MissionShoe was created and launched January of 2008 with the MissionShoe “Companheiro,” now known as the MissionShoe Tracting Edition. Geared specifically for missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we began producing the only shoe with the “soul” of a tennis shoe and the appearance of a dress shoe.

Five shoe generations later, our goal is still the same—to provide the very best in missionary shoe and foot care and enhance the experience you have with our shoes every day. We are always asking for feedback, and continue to produce the new standard in LDS Missionary footwear. Go ahead, try them out for yourself, or your son in the field. They won’t let you down, I promise. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Thomas Scott
Owner and Founder of MissionShoe


Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Elder Jaden CookSan Antonio Texas Mission

I went door to door day after day. It didn't seem to matter if my shoes were soaking wet, or dealing with really sweaty feet, they held up great! I would recommend mission shoes without any reservation to any missionary.

Elder Cameron WalkerBrazil

These are the best shoes because they will actually endure a two year mission. They are a bit worn, but are still in one piece, still shine-able and inexpensive.

Mother of Elder Noa CassidyUtah Salt Lake City Mission

I just wanted to take a second to thank you. I ordered my sons shoes back in late July or August. He loves his shoes. He has said it's like not wearing shoes at all. They are so light and comfortable.

Elder Walter WeidnerRibeirao Preto Brazil Mission

Once I got a pair of the mission shoes. They were like tennis shoes, light weight and easy on the feet [and] still paid less than if I had brought another brand!

Elder Andrew AirmetBrazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

"Those shoes last for a long time. They are very comfortable and light. I was really happy with the pair that I got. There a great deal."

Elder PenfieldIdaho Boise Mission

"Shoes are still holding up great! Those shoes are indestructible. I have worn them everyday since I got out of the MTC and they rock."

Jennifer Timmons

"This company is so easy to work with. The shoes I ordered for my nephew were too small and it was very easy to get an exchange. He loves them. He says they are so comfortable and he thinks they are very durable."

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Need more convincing? Fair enough.

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“I, like most pre-mission shoppers, went to the store looking for great looking, comfortable shoes for the mission field. Also like most I spent way too much money on a shoe that could not stand the rigor of missionary life. Sure a heavy boot shoe will be just fine for a mission in which you will cruise from appointment to appointment in a Chevy Malibu or on top of a shiny Schwinn. However, if you’re going to South America along or nearly every other international mission you will spend most of your time on your feet. That being said, 20 – 25 miles a day in a pair of shoes that would hurt your back if you were carrying them on your back is unfeasible and pointless. Especially when you can spend a fraction of the money on a pair of light, comfortable and reliable shoes. Buy these shoes! You will save money, be more comfortable, and look good. You cannot go wrong. I know from personal experience. Please learn from my mistakes and just go straight to the best!!!”

-Elder Tyler Matlock

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

“Yep, thats all it took! I served for two years in San Antonio Texas and enjoyed the tracting lifestyle as I went door to door day after day. I spent half my mission in a car, and the other half on a bike, but despite the nice transportation most of our days were spent walking in a predetermined area. My first year of the mission brought a lot of rain, and a pretty cold winter (it even snowed!), and my second year brought record breaking temperatures during the summer. It didn’t seem to matter if my shoes were soaking wet, or dealing with really sweaty feet, they held up great! In fact, and I take some pride in this, near the very end of my mission my shoes won the “shiniest shoe award” during a multi-zone conference, not too bad for 2 years of mission life! I would recommend mission shoes without any reservation to any missionary just heading out to the field, or to the missionary’s mom who is now realizing that the ‘other’ brand of shoe they bought is already starting to wear out. Get them and enjoy the difference!”

-Elder Jaden Cook

San Antonio Texas Mission

“When I was leaving for my mission I got two pairs of ‘good American missionary shoes,’ thinking that these would last me fairly well for two years. Within my first year in the field i had each of them resoled at least twice. With all the walking we did in our areas in Brazil not only did my soles wear fast but my feet did too. I’d get blisters on top of blisters on top of blisters. Finally at my 1 year mark I decided to give up on my American made shoes and get the shoes supplied by our mission office. I was a little concerned because the only type they had in my size were the ‘slip on’ kind without shoelaces. When I got them I was amazed. They weighed about 25% as much as my other shoes and they were terribly comfortable. As soon as I broke my new shoes in, the blisters on my feet started appearing less and less until it wasn’t a problem anymore. That one pair of shoes lasted me the rest of my mission with no need to resole them. They were a beautiful investment.”

-Elder Justin Meyer

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

“Well, I had a pair of those Liahonas (some heavy clodhopper) that were supposed to last my whole mission and then some. All they ended up doing was destroy my feet and give me blisters. They went out of commission once I got a pair of the mission shoes. They were like tennis shoes, light weight and easy on the feet. They lasted me about 8 months. I think I went through 3-4 pairs on my mission but I still paid less than if I had brought Eccos or some other expensive brand!”

-Elder Walter Weidner

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

“I also received [the] shoes and am stoked. The insoles came and I am walking on a cloud now. The shoes that I have been using for five months have not had insoles in them at all. I just realized it the other day. It was one of those duh moments. It just hit me one day, “I think my feet could be quite a bit more comfortable.” Unfortunately I never got around to buying any, but the nice man from the MissionShoe store came through and now I have 2 pairs [with] insoles! Awesome!”

-Elder Lucas Miller

Argentina Cordoba Mission

“They arrived safely and fit great for missionary #3! I attached a photo of my son in Brazil who has been out for 20 months. I asked how his shoes are holding up and he said, Cam- ‘How are [my] shoes holding up? These are the best shoes because they will actually endure a two year mission. They are a bit worn, but are still in one piece, still shine-able and cheap.’ Thought you could use that as a testimonial!”

-Virginia Walker

Brazil Mission

“I asked Preston when we talked at Christmas. He said they still look like new on the outside, holding up great… He really likes them and I am hoping we won’t have to buy him any more shoes. I was just telling a friend about your shoes yesterday. Her son went out 3 weeks before Preston and already needs new shoes. He’s in South Africa also.”

-Elder Preston Smith

South Africa Johannesburg Mission

“Those shoes were sweet!! The first pair of shoes I had were from the Missionary Mall. They were guaranteed for the two years, but didn’t make it. Not even close. I sent them back, got new ones, and they too went out. I decided to try the mission shoes. They were very inexpensive and extremely durable and comfortable. They lasted well over a year which was more than I could ask for. I served in Brazil where we walked all day without a car and used very little public transportation. I went through areas with hills and the shoes held up very nicely. They are made with high quality material and are easy to shine. Plus the ladies back home can’t resist an RM returning with these bad boys!”

-Elder Stephen Ballif

Brazil Ribeirao Preto Mission

Ready? Get Your Own Pair


Here’s our response to some of the questions that people ask the most.

How long does it usually take to get my shoes?

Generally,  our clients see their packages arrive within a week of ordering.  It may also depend on where we are shipping the shoes, as we are located in the western side of the United States. So, it may take a while longer to get a pair to the east coast.

Do you offer free return shipping?

We do offer free return shipping. We know that you need to get the best pair of shoes for your missionary. It’s really common for parents to order multiple pairs of shoes and send back the shoes that aren’t the right sizes.

My missionary is already in the field. Can you ship directly to him?

We sure can! We understand the unique circumstances missionary parents face. Just put their address as the mailing address, and we will ship it to them, as long as it is stateside. Please contact us directly via phone or email us at if you have any questions.

My missionary is out of the country, can you ship directly to him?

We sure can!  We can set up a “Special Delivery” that charges the exact price to the country being shipped.  Orders are processed on a case by case basis, and we are happy to help.  Please contact us directly via phone at (888) 92.M.Shoe ext. 2 or email us at for more information, or a shipping price quote to the country necessary. Please note, however, that we cannot be held responsible for stolen or lost packages.

Do you carry any shoes for sister missionaries?

Sadly, at this point we do not. Women’s fashion is a challenging market. We’ve attempted in the past to take our unique sole technology and try to create a pair of shoes for the sisters. We haven’t quite hit the nail on the head there. We’ll keep working and keep you in the loop. If you really would like us to get something to market, be sure to send us a message and let us know there is a demand.

I'm in need of a half-size show, but I don't seem to find any. Do you not carry them?

Our sizing is based on a Brazilian sizing system, and since the US is the only country in the world that has half sizes, we don’t carry them. Our top recommendation is to buy 1 size larger, then add the insole. The insoles can add up to a half size.

Are there any special instructions on how to care for the MissionShoes?

The leather upper should be cared for as with any other leather-top dress shoe. Shoes should be shined on a weekly basis for maximum luster and protection.

How many pairs of shoes do you recommend getting?

We recommend at least two pairs of shoes. This allows you to rotate what pair you are wearing. Doing so on a daily basis allows the shoes to dry out from sweat and recover. The goal is to help you get the most life out of your shoes.

At times we also recommend getting one more pair of shoes from our competitors that might be a little more attractive. We make some of the most comfortable, durable shoes a missionary could possibly need but we aren’t afraid to admit there are prettier shoes on the market. Maybe get a single pair of non-MissionShoe shoes for zone conferences, baptisms and other days that you might not need a pair of dress shoes that can withstand a hike to the Teton Mountains.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

Yes, we do. If you feel for any reason that our products have failed you, we encourage you to reach out to us. Let’s have a conversation. We pride ourselves in doing our best for our missionaries and their families.

Still have questions? We’re here to help! Give us a call or send us an email.

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